Wish clients “Happy Birthday!” with an automated SMS from Beyond Mobile Wishday

Wish clients “Happy Birthday!” with an automated SMS from Beyond Mobile Wishday

Want a simple way to wish you friends, family, coworkers, clients and more a happy birthday? Beyond Mobile Wishday can send out birthday SMS for you automatically. You just have to upload contact list with birth dates and application automatically sends a pre set birthday SMS wish every Morning at 9.30 am. The service will automatically run through your contacts everyday, and send a personalized Happy Birthday SMS wish to all contacts whenever anyone’s birthday is coming up! .This application can also send you SMS reminder about important birthdays in your contact list. 

How it Work

1. Please Log into URL

URL : wishday.beyondmobile.co.in

             Login id = h   

             Password= h


2. Click on Dashboard and go to Manage contacts  

3. Add New contact by entering your mobile number’s, Name and Birthday date and click submit.

5. For larger number of contacts, you need to upload excel sheet.

6. This sets you your account for Beyond Mobile Wishday for testing.

7.  Beyond Mobile Wishday will start automatically sending Birthday Wish SMS  Every day on your contact list. According to birthdates. 

8.  With this testing account, every contact will get this preset birthday wish. Dear <contact name >Wish you a very Happy Birthday Regards Beyond Mobile Team.

9.  you can customize birthday wish SMS with your company name and details if you want to buy this solution.

10.  This application cost is Rs 2500/- Plus 18% GST which comes with unlimited SMS Pack and one Year validity.

Build customer relationships and save yourself some time using wishday.beyondmobile.co.in Auto SMS sending application

Auto SMS Benefits:

Why should you send automated SMS to your customers for their birthdays and other occasions? Here are just a few of the benefits to sending automated SMS:

Automated SMS help you maintain a strong connection with your customers throughout the year, even if you have thousands of customers. It would be nearly impossible to manually send SMS to each and every customer for their birthday, but with automated SMS you can send personalized messages that engage your customers and make them feel special.

Automated SMS help keep your business in the forefront of your customers’ minds without you having to do much. A customer may not have purchased from your business in a while and may not be thinking about it, but if they receive an automated SMS they will remember your business and hopefully purchase from you the next time they need something.

Automated SMS are based on each customer’s personal important dates, such as birthdays, name and  Mobile Number so it makes it very special.

Who can use Automatic Birthday wish sms sender feature

  1. Companies, organizations, SME’S with more than 1000 to 2000 numbers of contacts to send SMS daily.
  2. Spiritual communities like temples, churches and other local community  with a wide range of Member’s
  3. Banks and financial institutions with a wide range of customer’s.