Birthday Marketing Software

Birthday Marketing Software

Birthdays offer a valuable marketing opportunity. For businesses of all size, there is an opportunity to reach out to your clients during their birthday month and make a huge impression. Yet, not every business has gotten it right. Now with Beyond Mobile Wishday you can change all that.
What is Beyond Mobile Wishday
Beyond Mobile Wishday An amazing tool to send birthday SMS to customer’s and loved once’s automatically. We can also call it Birthday marketing Software. It automates Birthday SMS sending process for your organization. Beyond mobile wishday is a simple tool for business enterprises to send birthday SMS to customers and employees automatically. Mostly Banks only can Sends customize birthday SMS to Customers with there over price softwares which cost a bomb.  Now with Beyond Mobile Wishday, We are giving this power in hands of every marketer who want to engage their customers on birthdays.
How Beyond Mobile Wishday Works 
You just have to upload contact list with birth dates, Name and Numbers and application automatically sends a pre set birthday SMS wish every Morning at 9.30 am. Every morning Wishday run through your contacts everyday, and send a personalized Happy Birthday SMS wish to all contacts having birthday on this specific day.
  • For demo of Beyond Mobile Wishday Please log into url
    User : h
    Password : h 

    Who can use wishday

    1. Companies, organizations, SME’S with more than 1000 to 2000 numbers of contacts to send SMS daily.
    2. Spiritual communities like temples, churches and other local community  with a wide range of Member’s
    3. Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants.
    4. Charted accountants and CA firms 
    5. Company Hr heads, Marketing heads, CEO, and Managing directors. 

    Cost of Wishday:

    • Wishday Birthday application cost is Rs 2500/- Plus 18GST which comes with unlimited SMS Pack and one year validity. (Total Amount Rs 2950 )